Rookie Blue - Let It Go

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“If you were a Canadian "Rookie Blue" fan settling into Wednesday night’s Season 5 finale, you probably felt a little bit cheated by the time the closing credits rolled. Not only was the run two episodes shorter than previous instalments, but the ending itself contained several cliffhangers that now won’t be resolved for an entire year — even though Toronto production on that sixth season is drawing to a close in the coming weeks.”

Huffington Post

my feels have killed me. i am dead right now. 

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Does anybody else find it rather bothersome that they’re calling next weeks episode the “season finale”? I was well aware they were splitting this extended season up, but the fact they call it a season finale makes me think that essentially all they’ve done is been given a 22 episode season and they’re splitting it to evade the tax shit and I was really afraid of that. 

Does anybody have a BLAME CANADA gif handy? ~_~ 

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I always have so many feelings after an episode. 

Especially that moment. Act as if. I just can’t even. lakejflkajglk

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LOL I love them so much. #teamNoSwarek 

Hahahaha Classic!

I’m a cop, I’m a man, I’m a chicken. [requested by rookiebluefearless]


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Reaction to previews for next week:


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I was hoping for more McNally/Oliver moments but I’ll happily take Gail/Oliver too. 

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